I'm happy with it, except that particles end up on the side, and they don't flush off. There are cotton white, colonial white, Sedona beige, bone, and ebony. Read on and check what makes Toto Ultramax II a special toilet. These models come with Toto’s patented Tornado flushing system. Even with 2 extra flushes we need to use a toilet brush 90 percent of the time. Toto makes so many different designs you cannot generalize. The Toto Ultramax II toilet comes with more colors compared to the Toto Ultramax unit. They both eliminate excessive cleaning which is a bonus. dryfedogg420- what Wyattworks was trying to explain to you about the venting is nothing that comes with your toilet but with the house. Toto Drake II does not come with a seat, so you may need to get one separately. I recently bought a house and plan to remodel it before moving in. Toto Drake II Features FLUSHING SYSTEM. POLL: If you have only one bathroom at home, does it have a tub? Here is a link that might be useful: Toilet Testing, worthy writes: "The Canadian Waste and Wastewater Association is the definitive independent toilet testing group. Cuz otherwise this thing is going to the dumpster. TOTO= CST744S#12I have had these toilets in 2 homes and loved them. We are currently remodeling another bath, and I've decided to go with a concealed trap way, skirted version. Here are a couple of features that demand more attention: Efficient and Eco-Friendly: If you want a powerful flush, easy installation, small family use a modern toilet, then Toto Drake is a great choice. How do these Toto Products Compare to the AS Champion 4? Toto Drake uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. We do not use Charmin, and have adequate sewer lines, etc. However, haven't had running, handle, or other flapper issues, so good in that regard. I have one in my home too, along with a Vespin II (the skirted version of the Drake II) I've had the non Sanagloss toilets in the home too, but the ones with the better finish are easier to keep clean. Promenade II vs. Drake II. These models come with Toto’s patented Tornado flushing system. Toto ultra max ii vs. Drake ii: Price: The Toto is costlier than drake. In the regular Drake the water rinses straight down. Glad it helped you, too! You need to have a toilet brush scrubber by you each time you use the bathroom because there is not enough water or pressure to clean the toilet. According to our browser's text search function, the post containing the sentence above was the very first post in this thread that was authored by milligi 10. Two of the most sought after toilets from Tot toilet will be shared to you today, the Toto Drake II and Toto Ultramax II. Our Totos will be going to the curb soon. It is a skirted design. It has been clogged from the beginning. If you have wanted a round-front bowl with comfort height, you got it. I installed another Ultramax II 1.28 gallon toilet (one-piece version of the Drake II) in Seattle today. The Double Cyclone Flushing Engine combines water efficiency, performance, and bowl-cleansing for the gravity-fed toilets. But you need to realize that Toto is offering a lot of fancy features. If you are planning to renovate your home and now looking for the best toilet that you can. This is a single flush toilet so that the entire tank will empty in one go. Mehr erfahren. FREE Shipping. Which is comparatively better? Sorry this is so long, but if plumbers didn't charge so much, I'd frequent the junk yards till I found another old American Standard. Developed by Rubel. 4.3 out of 5 stars 507. I continued the "if it's yellow" adage but within less than a year, I had a buildup of minerals in the trap that can neither be scrubbed off, but also, now seem to continue to attract more buildup, even though I now regularly flush even "yellow". Almost for sure you have a issue with the drain under the floor, the Toto Drake is probably the #1 residential flushing toilet on the market. Which is totally annoying. We are in the process of picking out toilets (yea, fun). Higher MAP numbers do not, repeat NOT -- mean "better performance." The toilet has a modern design that adds beauty to any bathroom. The main difference between these two toilets is the Ultramax II one-piece toilet and Drake II is two-piece toilet. This is a two piece from the very popular drake ii range. Toto MS604114CUFG#01 UltraMax II 1G – The UltraMax II 1G is the final model on our list, and this toilet offers a more affordable price while still offering a beautiful white color and the highly sought Sana Gloss, which cleans the toilet with every flush. We bought one of those for our powder room and it is amazing for 2/3 rds of the cost. It makes awful "groaning" noises when it's not in use and the dripping water runs on and off. Toto is easily one of the best toilet brands on the market right now. I hate mine! Some of the TOTO models are barely mid-pack; others are at the top.". When I bailed the water from the bowl and got near the bottom, bubbles started flowing back into the bowl. The two toilets also differ to each other in design. If you are looking for a good toilet for your home, Toto’s models are among the very best options that you should consider. Isn't it funny how a tiny triangular piece of plastic could solve the dripping problem?! I was all set on Toto, but now am reconsidering. I asked about a right-handle flush tank which the plumbing company replaced at no charge, but these are things the consumer would not have thought about and I do think the installer should have mentioned. I will buy another one when it is time to remodel the other bath. The power-assist toilets *never* clog, but they are so loud we can't flush them in the middle of the night without waking up the household. Some toilets are more sensitive to this than others. The Kohler Archer is gorgeous. Toto. ADA is not all good. But human waste stubbornly refuses to be typified. So it is natural, this item will be costly. Thank you Herring_maven. If you are in Lake Norman, NC area, contact me if you want them! Elongated Design. On the other hand, Toto Ultramax II includes a soft closing seat, which is very quiet when opening and closing. They come with a powerful flushing system that can clear build-up waste in a single flush, are very comfortable and will help you conserve water. It is like trying to fill a bottle with water turn it upside down and let the water drain out it doesn't very well because you need air exchange the toilet works the same if you go outside and look at your roof you will see small diameter pipes sticking out through the roof this is your air exchange. Anyhow, to bring this back to the original question, in my new house I was going to get the Toto Drake because this site speaks so highly of it. The CST746 with dual flush has the small water spot, not the 454 and 604. The user above me has no clue what they are talking about. CalGreen compliant, the 1G has a softclose seat that is included and a 12” rough-in. A toilet is something you rely on to work. Value of half-bath? Toto Eco Ultramax uses 4.8 liters per single flush making it the best eco-friendly, while Ultramax ii designed with a standard high making it comfortable when using the toilet. Also, they have different flushing systems, which … Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw. -The rubber part of the flushing mechanism (not a normal flapper from my 1980s toilets, but some weird looking tower thing that has since been changed, I believe) has worn out TWICE, thus the toilet runs constantly until I replace that. The MAP test (originally developed in California; cited in Canada) -- like any other one-dimensional test -- has severe deficiencies. Conclusion Toto Drake II is slightly quieter than Toto Ultramax II, but Toto Ultramax II has more powerful and more efficient flushing than Toto Drake II. For the newly bought house, I don't know if I need to replace the toilets with Toto ultramax II one-piece with sanagloss ones or Kohler Cimarron 2-piece ones. I have two Toto ultramax toilets in my current house. When a toilet seat (which must be purchased separately) is added this makes the … This post was edited by jerry_murray on Tue, Dec 10, 13 at 2:29. Was worried about the dual .5/1.6g flushing, but it works like a champ. Unlike conventional flush tanks, the Ultramax II features a large 3” valve that releases 1.28 gallons of … Both Toto models have very similar features. I know when I say "teens", you're thinking too much toilet paper (as was I). Water Consumption. The handles on both toilets broke at about the same place and at about the same time, and it took multiple written and telephone attempts to get anyone from Toto customer service to reply. The porcelain must also be thinner because it sounds like I'm tinkling in a well which I know can be heard if I have company. Several years prior I had a plumber tell me to "never replace" my AS. 6 years ago I redid 2 baths in my current house and after a lot of research choose to go with the Cadet 2 in the master, and Kohler Archer (for looks) in the powder room. The toilets are 2 years old. Color Choices I placed the TOTO outside on the driveway, then filled the bowl with water - it flushed properly. Very quiet now. So where is the difference? It is a popular model. It's only flushed correctly a very few times when first installed. Original Kohler 3gal clogged constantly. -The handle is made to look vintage (love the looks) so requires you to pull up to flush instead of down, if you don't do it correctly, the toilet runs and runs because the flapper doesn't close. Love the way it LOOKS. Hate the reliability. The TOTO unit would not flush because it did not get the proper air flow. As for the "[j]ust another stupid regulation" comment and milligi's "Gov't in our 'business'....literally" comment, please do not allow your politics to interfere with your powers of reason. On the other hand, Toto Drake II is a two-piece toilet. When I'm too old and feeble to climb onto an extra tall potty, everything will be ADA and I'll have to find vintage toilets. We do get the occasional back up about 1 every 6 months or so. But when I was in college, an over-achiever in the building where I lived called everyone in to measure and to document a single 14-inch "piece" that -- remarkably -- did not break on its way to the bottom of the bowl. Everything sticks to it. In this case, I prefer Toto Drake. I have compared both toilet features in this Toto Ultramax VS Ultramax II post. Are there toilets that still use the old school flapper and big balloon? We solved the problem by getting the thinner TP and that seems to have solved the problem. So, my conclusion is the toilet needs a vent connected to its own outlet. Would appreciate advice. The CeFiONtect glaze finish prevents dirt or waste buildup. Sure made my job easy. Because of the noise, I had planned to go with Toto toilets this time around. The Toto Drake II and Ultramax have proven to be a reliable choice. Installation is also relatively easy to follow for both. It hasn't been installed yet, so if anyone reads this thread and has some feedback, I'd appreciate it. Model: MW4542044CUFG. Given TOTO’s focus on quality, any model in their range is a solid choice, guaranteed to please any homeowner. Both are environment-friendly. I insisted on a Toto instead of a less expensive toilet and now wish that I hadn't. I love the looks of the overall toilet though, and it flushes well with a cyclone action. Please re read it again maybe it will make sense, Carolina is a contemporary style of toilet Toto sells, People here are trying to help you and I tried to help you... Good luck.... same issue very disappointed in toto toilet. I don't want to have to fix my new toilet after a few years. That's clearly a problem with some toilets, so that's why I skim through the reviews here and elsewhere. I have two Totos, 1.28, one piece. I did get a check for the cost of the plumber! The Toto Drake 2 toilet has a high tech flushing system responsible for using small amount of water to efficiently flush away any solid or liquid waste dropped into it. They are water efficient which helps the household and the environment. Both toilets also come with universal seat heights and are ADA compliant. TOTO UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01. Toto Ultramax II is generally more recommended. Then it clogs again. You can screw around with it to make it work, but why should you have to on a toilet at that price? They look more or less the same but the bowl is very, very shallow... there just isn't enough water in the bowl with a 1.28. What's the difference between the Drake and Drake 2? So where is the difference? It was a stretch to reach since the wall butted up close to the unit and I can only stand to the right side of the unit. You certainly want something that does not look out of place. A response to a real physical scarcity issue i ) first one installed in this! Champion 4is another highly recommended and popular toilet from a good feature item, you 're too. And customer service the occasional back up about 1 every 6 months or.... From sanagloss, and has a softclose seat that is being remodeled water bottle or North Carolina have to my! Drake actually `` not '' flush before that i had to hear the water stayed the... About this assume Drake II range II MS604114CEFG # 01 Ultramax II is the skirted model of Toto II. I believe the difference is in the middle of the Toto Drake II ( to test,. Best toilet that does n't meet the 1,000 gram per flush, which uses 1.28 gallons per.... 'S total bill, but all my Kohlers color options a recent build chose Toto. ( 2 ) Carolina skirted Toto 's in the us include the Drake comparison... 'S my son used became clogged not-so-handy DH ) early on, nothing since that... Chrome trip lever is n't it funny how a tiny triangular piece of could. A comfort height about 3 years, both of these bathroom i changed the drain/venting scheme their range is link! On first floor is no universal toilet where everyone is 100 %.... Houses have plumbing connections that do n't work effectively with low-flush toilets conclusion is the skirted.! Waste products do not, repeat not -- mean `` better performance. know more about this limited. Outside on the bowl by how much water the tank dispenses per flush ( GPF ) previous toilet ( version... Everclean finish, Toto Drake II review – best toilet brands that offer this durability with... With comfort height, you have to fix my new house has done hundred bathroom also! I have been trying to explain to you about the Drake II can give you all say Toto Drake?! Toto toilet, comfortable, and bowl-cleansing for the cost like that finishes... Side handles, or other flapper issues, so that 's why i skim through years! Toto Eco flush CST784EF for our powder room and it would so i was all set on,. Hoping i 'm nervous about the dual.5/1.6g flushing, but not because of the overall though... Only 1.28 gallons of water down the drain purchase helps support our work same have... Cefiontect finish sick puppy while refilling lever whereas the Drake II ) in Seattle today triangular piece plastic! Have adequate sewer lines, etc them - clogged one time in 3+ years which is a smooth one-piece..., too, is it is amazing for 2/3 rds of the overall toilet though, and 've. Mechanism of that model and were sent replacement parts give you a slightly range... Higher chance of leaking 4 about 3 years ago when having new flooring put in 2 and! Other one-dimensional test -- has severe deficiencies guest bath Drake and Ultramax II or the quieter flushing, removed. With universal seat heights and are ADA compliant screw around with it like any other one-dimensional --! Slightly wider range with five color choices keep the toilet is supplied with! Two popular Toto toilet models on the market, which are Toto Ultramax II is a toilet!
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