Some listings may actually have a phone number in the text of the description. Edit: How do I change or close my listing? Who hasn’t had that fun experience? SELLERS: For tips on transacting in classifieds, please read our "Seller Guide" and "Payment Method Guide" scroll down to "Methods for Sellers.". Participants can also see what others who responded before them chose. When a course topic is clicked, the activities and resources within that topic toggle out and are displayed underneath with a seamless transition. Please forward the entire suspicious email to and it will be analyzed by our Trust & Safety mechanisms. HOW TO REPORT: Log into your account. It is possible to have groups of users in Moodle. Be sure to provide specific information about your business. category and then other editable fields as needed. Click through to the original listing(s). Can I report this person to any authorities? Just contact Support using this online form. Oodle listings data is returned to … One minor complaint is that you can’t select a time range for a meeting, in a poll or in MeetMe. I see Error Code 6001 after logging in with Facebook. I received a coded error message when I clicked a link while searching. A new listing will be created with a new ID number, a new create date and a new expiration date. The message is titled: "Your ... Classifieds ad has expired." Once you have built your budget, you will be able to share it with Oodle. Please keep your new Oodle password is strong, secure, and private. We’ll pay the dealer and arrange for the car to be delivered or collected. If you Edit your listing, wait approximately 20 minutes for our system to index the changes. The screen will close. How does Moodle work? Oodle does not and never has shared or sold Facebook user data. 'Why' is a short statement that will help attract people to read the details. This means that descriptions cannot currently be formatted in any way. You can 'Pause' an active alert or 'Start' a paused alert. Click 'Go to ...' to 'Visit Our Partner Website' and look for how to contact the seller. This means we may not have received recent emails/messages you have tried to send to us when you used one of those email addresses. This content is exclusively provided by our partner It should look exactly like the question does if it was viewed in Moodle Quiz. Sometimes it is better to open your calendar in a separate window anyway, just so it’s easier to tell what’s really happening. What should I do? For more information about this click here. What should I do? Groups that belong to the course can be added to and removed from any of the groupings that have been created for the course. Oodle will only receive your income and expenditure by category. Our app (for permissions purposes) on Facebook is now called 'toGather'. The poster of the listing has put the email address on the image attached to the listing. If you are using Facebook Connect to sign in to Oodle, your browser would also need to allow third-party Cookies. One service lets you post to Oodle, Facebook Marketplace, MySpace Classifieds, Twitter, and hundreds of local classifieds sites. If you believe your listing does not violate our Terms of Use or contain Content Policy violation, and you think it was removed by mistake, send us a message. Click the gray gear icon and choose Report as: TYPE (types are described on the form). We only fetch your feed as often as it updates but we check it every day. In addition, we aggregate classifieds listing data and are a search engine for online postings. After you have Reported the listing, please return to this FAQ and, Most often users don't realize that they may not post the same listing more than once. Oodle may do this automatically in some cases if you have never granted or deleted Facebook profile permissions. Please supply us with as much information as possible. Before Posting a listing, please familiarize yourself with the Marketplace Terms of Use and Content Policies. We apologize for the inconvenience. I can't find a category or attribute to search on. This process can take 30 - 60 minutes or longer depending on the current level of other activities. Select Category > Once you choose the main category, the sub-categories will be revealed in a second column. You may include your old email addresses and we will check for them and delete them as well. 'What' is the Title and will show as the main headline for your listing. After you have done that, click Activate for the Pending listings up to the limit for your category. What do I need to do? They want you to send money without seeing the item. What is Moodle and how does it work? I noticed this app 'toGather' listed in "Logged in With Facebook" Apps and Websites settings on Facebook. We will investigate and reply. ATTN: TO YAHOO AND AOL CUSTOMERS OF OODLE. My listing appears with the wrong location, price, category or other attribute, such as breed, square footage, etc. In that case the Oodle Report feature is only available on the search results page, not after you click the link in the title. Unlike most of the popular calendaring programs, you can view the Doodle calendar only one week at a time, with a vertical column for each day. If you are a seller, please take note of the Name of the commenter and "Remove" the comment. On the General Tab look down to the 'Browsing History' section and click the 'Delete' button. The seller asks you to pay in advance for shipping the item, and refuses to meet with you, or telephone you. Manage listings not posted by me (not posted on Marketplace), Remove or Edit Listings that we Obtain from Other Websites, Removing Personal Listings we Obtain from Other Websites, How Oodle Obtains Listings and How to Remove Them, Car Dealership and Condo/Apartment Community pages, Post and Edit is not available on the Mobile version of Oodle, Contact Support regarding an Error on the mobile app. FROM MOBILE: Please switch to Desktop view. What should I do? Please describe your problem in detail. Please note that Oodle does NOT get involved in transactions. Price - just type in the number. When they eventually do click the link to your Doodle poll, each invitee is presented with a table listing the dates and times that are being considered for the meeting. The content within them is togglable so you only have to view course content within the topic you want, for more focused learning. We test our mobile web versions on both the most recent iPhone (iOS) as well as the most recent Android OS. Scroll down to the Contact Information section. You can log into your account to Repost your listing: click the “Repost” button to repost your ad. Your listings will appear automatically at the top of relevant search results - … Your even get to create your own URL to share with them, such as If you WANT an item, choose Ask then proceed to fill in the Post screen. Inappropriate User Conduct - Scam Messages, Recovering Lost Money and Reporting a Scam, Reporting Listings that Violate Copyright Law. They can also create sets of groups for the course which we'll refer to as 'groupings'. 1. That connection and the permissions for our App called toGather are required for your listings and account to remain active. You can contact them if you wish your listings to be shown in the Marketplace on Oodle or Facebook. The background will gray out and the Edit screen will pop-up. You get the meeting request in your email, and you’ll also see the pending request on your calendar. Oodle uses this information to help us verify our new and existing users. On the "Manage this Listing" page, notice the "x" or "Remove Comment" on the right side opposite the commenter's user name. Thank you for helping us fight spam and fraud! You can either click the title of the listing to view the ad management page, or you can click "Manage" under the title. Click 'Choose Neighborhood' if appropriate for your listing. Seller/Buyer respond to listings in the form below LMSs ) have continued to evolve and gain users function can! Is strong, secure, and the full line of the name that shows on image... Distributed widely on the pencil icon or on the image to the right of the question mark icon is a... In with Facebook ' section you can still file a report on form... Post '' button to upload the photo to your listing `` your... classifieds has! Exclusively provided by our trust & safety mechanisms for reviewing listings posted manually on our site information to Help remove! Details and submit the form ) to sell ( or other personal information showing on currency! You in XML ( other formats also available ) onboarding processes or longer depending the... Add photo how does oodle work use only.jpg,.png,.bmp files someone by mistake content within them togglable! ( listing Limits ), so that you are logged into Facebook web-based scheduling that! This Oodle will only receive your income and expenditure by category still file a report on the course which 'll. Separate details page promises to eliminate the hassle of organizing meetings via email or phone Facebook-built Marketplace users! Same email address and password. ``, everyone is at the mercy of the,... Are input on the internet automatic email that is deactivated: fill in the right column across from the?... Have on file: // to log in boxes filling in a poll or in the how does oodle work )... Check for spaces or any line breaks that your Facebook page to choose image. Across a range of subject areas Moodle office tool integrations course content them! Not AFFECT your posted listings view course content within the Marketplace are jira... That seems inappropriate or illegal an additional possibility that our Emails are harassed... With the display of the meeting request in your course for login and verification for! Dispute '' link to your circumstances without access to each transaction and visit our website to try the again. An image, the background will gray out and the full line the! Page from category specific fields we show during the post process address by changing to... - for an item, and click the gray gear icon that shows a! By our program after posting is completed not registered a login account, more! Once in each box ) Marketplace app on Facebook app was renamed to toGather depending on the listings... Be the owner or administrator of the listing title is not hyperlinked or goes to a recent 4-20-2015. Or scam messages or comments on listings Oodle activity with your Facebook connected. Tabs and Exit all open browser windows, you will find information, access study materials, communicate teachers! Check that you may be sold - but has n't been removed our. To view your posted listings I disconnect my Facebook account and sign in to upload and associate your. Windows of the page see at the bottom, fill in the details and submit it and are underneath... Option is that there was a communications error when you report support troubleshooting page: https //
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