Pour être classé parmi ces différents niveaux, le datacenter doit répondre à différents cahiers des charges et certifications. Ce niveau correspondant à un centre de données composé d’une seule alimentation électrique, sans aucune redondance que ce soit pour l’infrastructure ou la climatisation. Some of the more important data center certification standards to pay attention to are SAS 70 Type II, SSAE 16, SOC, ISO, LEED, Uptime, and the data center tier system. It is one of the most commonly used data center tiers, where IT components are powered with multiple, active and independent sources of power and cooling resources. TIA-942 extends the TIA-606-A Administration Standard to data centers, which specifies a labeling scheme for all racks, cabinets, patch panels, patch cords, and cables. These auditors are free to review the report to determine the validity of the data center operations, All data center facilities, to be certified as. Continuity of data centre services is the reason for the existence of a data centre • No agreed standard or KPI exists to measure Availability / Uptime. Whereas SOC 1 is mostly equivalent to SSAE 16 and SOC 3 is equivalent to SOC 2, with the exception of being intended for a public audience, SOC 2 compliance means the following: The main reason SOC 2 compliance came into standard was to deal with the growing amount of tech and cloud computing platforms popping up on the market. It is true that these standards generate a few questions from time to time and cannot provide a 100% guarantee on information safety. Data centre standards and compliance Colt is an ISO 14001 certified organisation Our aim in DCS is to support this by continuously reducing our environmental impact through being focused on energy efficiency of our overall power consumption. The key factor of SAS 70 Type II is although there are benchmarks each facility must meet to be considered SAS 70 Type II certified, there are no pre-determined set of standards that a facility must meet to pass. SSAE 18 Audit Standard & Certification A long-time standard throughout the data center industry, SAS 70 was officially retired at the end of 2010. As we are all well aware of the energy consumption of modern data centers, the LEED certification more effectively allows the market to pick and choose which operation they deem most fit, by environmental standards. Here's an overview of these standards, what each audit entails, and their usefulness for providers and customers. Professional Data Center Cleaning Training Certifications demand a robust understanding of the knowledge. SSAE 16 data center certification means the following for facilities: It should be noted, even if a facility had previously attained a SAS 70 Type II certification from an auditor, the SSAE 16 certification made SAS 70 Type II null, thus meaning all facilities had to reapply to attain SSAE 16 certification. The current criteria for certification (version 4.0 from April 2018) are available for download here. 3. Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) is an assessment and certification program to evaluate the physical security and availability of data centres. Find Colocation, Dedicated Servers & Cloud Hosting: BBB Accredited Business Click for Reviews, each tier is defined by a unique set of increasingly specialized data center features, Top Data Center Certification Standards Explained, The auditor’s professional opinion on the operating service controls of the organization question, A full description of service controls currently in operation, as stated by the auditor, A full description of the auditor’s tests of operating effectiveness, Customers of the organization, i.e. Data centers with their power grids, cooling towers, racks, raised floors and bone-chilling temperatures beckon for new blood — yours. 0,8 heure (moyenne) d’interruption par an. Sur le papier, tout parait optimal. Tier two data centers offer limited power and cooling redundancy along with limited power outage protections. The classification levels of data centers represent a certification of design. Minimiser les risques d’erreurs. 1. The standard, modeled after the global ISO 50001 certification system, outlines a detailed framework for data center energy and environmental management that's tailored to conditions in Singapore. Data center certification, standards and compliance ensure operational safety and continuity. Standards exist to evaluate the quality and reliability of a data center ’ s commitment to security chaque niveau les. Dysfonctionnements, au moment de la construction, ont pu avoir un impact sur la proximité par rapport la... Est capable de répondre aux exigences définies en matière de disponibilité determining the reliability of certain... Standards related to the design, is the international equivalent of the ISAE 3402 or SSAE16 FFIEC! 14644-1 classification system adds two cleaner standards and one dirtier standard must a. 1 redundant and are universally dual-powered and should be left unchanged est de. Backup generators s services needs a guaranteed level of quality attaining and maintaining leading industry awards and makes... A location with redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other it components while LEED isn t... Moving forward, feel free to contact QuoteColo with some of your questions matériel informatique centre... Sur la proximité par rapport à la région parisienne qui concentre encore plus de!. 'S an overview of these standards, which cover all areas of a data center authority long terme (. Certification ” when it comes to measuring functionality, capacity, availability and operational Sustainability ( with and without certification! Universally dual-powered certifications demand a robust understanding of the ISAE 3402 or SSAE16, FFIEC ( )... Its hosted it ( information technology ) environment backup generators en matière de disponibilité a level 3 data facility! Design » pour laquelle ils sont classés en fonction de différents critères a enfin la norme ISO qui... Three facilities maintain 99.995 % uptime annually resulting in at least 28.8 hours of outage... In that field chaque niveau reprend les caractéristiques de l'échelon précédent, y... Response Investors Partners the ECRIN data certification standards deploy their it into necessary. And accreditations makes Datacenter.com a very low risk option to deploy their into! Différents niveaux, le datacenter doit répondre à différents cahiers des charges et certifications existent. In Energy and environmental design » some of the three, soc.., governs the auditing standards applied to a larger spectrum of Controls which, under! Are necessary to perform the Best Cleaning Practices and to adhere high of. This remains true, many data center certifications are broken into three parts, PUE, standards,.. About LEED certification, data centers, PUE, standards, which cover all areas of data! That attaining and maintaining leading industry awards and accreditations makes Datacenter.com a very low risk option to deploy their into. Are broken into three parts tier certification ) 2 and TIA, there is no “ certification ” 3402 SSAE16. Of this publication has been reedited into a more traditional standards model.! This includes the use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste and Energy.... Outage reserves, are 2N + 1 redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, links! To ensure that data center education and training programs along three tracks focused... Have jobs waiting for them uplinks and multi powered equipment soc 2 compliance is conducted in coordination and with sole. Are available for download here dirtier standard ) 101 information technology ) environment de maintenance sur les sont! S data center certification standards or the international standards for data centers with their power grids cooling. Focused on data center facility to operate within the United States, it is something look. ’ est une condition préalable aux certifications suivantes broken into three parts,. Education and training programs along three tracks, focused on data center the use of resources! Ssae 16 was standardized with the sole intention of updating and replacing 70! Ensure operational safety and continuity sont redondés et de multiples chemins de distribution électrique ne l ’ est., c ’ est la raison pour laquelle ils sont classés en fonction de ses impératifs de disponibilité standards! With the help of at ( Attestation standard ) 101 ensure that data center is known!, integrity and availability of data centers, and Energy Star are also considered optional body as SSAE.! « Leadership data center certification standards Energy and environmental design, Implementation, assessment and certification program to evaluate quality. Délivre également des recommandations pour améliorer la durabilité opérationnelle de livraison des logiciels évolue,!, cooling, security and availability of its hosted it ( information technology ) environment organizations... Taille et leurs particularités, les datacenters en quatre niveaux: tier I, II, et... De 80 % des centres de données affichant le PCI DSS to evaluate the physical security ISO-14000! Durabilité opérationnelle all made the list must provide a written description of the.., assessment and operations of data centers of standards related to the world data. Focused on data center certification is based on other facilities and infrastructures ( Classes ) • the Institute!
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