Ode To Dhaka Weaves

Our second collection, Ode to Dhaka Weaves, is the tale of old and almost-forgotten weave motifs and designs of greater Dhaka. We bring to you handloom Jamdani and Tangail sarees, fabric, dupattas and scarves, woven in Sonargaon and Tangail.

Ode to Dhaka Weaves is inspired by Pohela Boisakh, the first day of the Bengali calendar, a day of grand celebration across the nation. To usher in the new year (Nobo Borsho), women have traditionally worn white sarees with a touch of red; but with time, that dress code has evolved to include other bright and cheerful colors on a base of white. This collection too was designed on white with butis of myriad of typical festival colors.

For Jamdani, we used old Jamdani butis woven on white. The Dalim buti and Juiphool buti adorn our khaadi, cotton and half silk sarees. These simple yet elegant sarees tried to capture the simplicity we value at NOBO.

For Tangail handloom nakshibutis, we chose butis and designs that are floral in nature. This style of weaving extra warp known as nakshibuti is almost forgotten now, butis such as ruhiton, aam, kamranga are old yet look modern and contemporary.

Our designs are a tribute to craftsmanship of the Bangladeshi masterweavers, let us value the art they have carried through time and generations.

Ode to Dhaka Weaves is our present of the past to you.