We met for the first time through common friends at a bustling restaurant in London.  It was craft at first sight – a shared love of textiles, colonial history, Dhaka of the 80s and most importantly, a shared sense of urgency to do “something” in the crafts sector in Bangladesh.  We wondered if we could partner up. But we lived in different continents and worked in different professions.  We continued our separate ways over the next few years, while keeping track of each others’ activities.

Till one fine day serendipity brought us to the same city.

And Nobo was born.  Nobo for us is a journey from the present to the past, from the old to the new.  Through Nobo, we want to celebrate handmade, quality, traditional art, unique textiles and crafts. Created with love to reflect our core values, we hope you will treasure your Nobo for generations.

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